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Lina Scheynius 03

Having left a successful model career behind her to shoot for the likes of AnOther Magazine and Dazed & Confused, the Swedish photographer now publishes a book of images shot between 1991 and early 2007

It's only a few years ago since Lina Scheynius was one of Sweden's most in-demand super models, but the 30-year-old catwalk queen soon realiased the importance of a professional after life. Luckily, Scheynius chose to pursue her life-long photography interest and managed - through hard work and a distinct aesthetic - to carve out a career as a fashion photographer. While shooting for Dazed and AnOther, among others, Scheynius have found the time to both exhibit her work and self-publish two books.

Tonight sees the launch party for her third book (available from her website) and this time around Scheynius has focused on the formative years before she was ever commissioned by a magazine, gallery or client to shoot. These are the photos that privately educated and developed the photographer who today is one of the world's most sought-after snappers...

Dazed Digital: Who and why is on the cover?
Lina Scheynius:
The cover looks exactly like the covers of my two previous books - it's just plain white. I only sell them on my website so i don't really need to make any eye catching covers, or even print my name anywhere, and I prefer to make them as simple as possible.

DD: How did the book come about?
Lina Scheynius:
I have wanted to make this book for a long time. All the pictures in the book are taken before anyone ever commissioned me as a photographer. The first one is from 1991 when I was 10 years old, and the last one is from early 2007, right before I did my first magazine job. They're my old favorite pictures that I've had in boxes for years. I didn't reprint anything for the book, I just scanned the prints i had kept, some of them slightly dusty or scratched, some quite badly printed.

DD: How is it different from your other books?
Lina Scheynius:
Well, the format is exactly the same, the only difference being that this one has a few more pages, but the pictures in this one are older than the pictures in the previous two. So this is sort of what happened in my life before the others. I've also added little captions this time, saying who's in the picture, and where and when it was taken.

DD: What are the Pros and Cons with self-publishing?
Lina Scheynius:
Being a bit of a control freak i have to admit that self-publishing is pretty great. The only cons I can think of are the amount  of work involved with selling them, and the space 1,000 books takes up in my bedroom.

DD: Would you consider a book on a publishing house?
Lina Scheynius:
Yes, but then I'd love to make something much bigger...

DD: What's your favourite image from the book, and why?
Lina Scheynius:
It changes all the time, but I think maybe the one of me and Gerard brushing our teeth in the bathroom mirror in Budapest. I didn't really care about this photo the first time i saw it, but it keeps growing on me.

DD: A lot of the images are from before you 'became' a photographer - what are the main differences in your work if you compare 'now' to 'then'?
Lina Scheynius:
Well, the work in this book is "purely intimate". We never had any idea that anyone else would ever care to look at the photos when we took them. Today I have people looking at my photos. I think that is the main difference.

DD: What are you working on now? Any expos coming up?
Lina Scheynius:
The book launch is tonight at the morel space in London, and there will be a small exhibition of prints from the book up for a week. I am also about to go on a trip to Russia and Finland and the north of Sweden with my boyfriend, and hopefully I'll come back with some photos! And I've already started thinking about the 4th book!