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Gudrun Georges

The New York-based photographer produces stunning images from a multitude of unlikely subjects found in the course of her every day

Gudrun Georges is the New York-based photographer taking inspiration from subtle glimpses of the everyday. Leaving her native Germany shortly after finishing school, Gudrun went on to Rome where she undertook a year’s photography placement, and from there, hasn’t looked back. At the end of a short stint dabbling in still-life photography, she moved to New York where her talents for discovering beauty in the unlikeliest of places continues to thrive in an ongoing project entitled ‘Things and Sights’.

Amongst the project, images are set side-by-side to create a serene blend of light and tone, building a series of interconnected palates using Gudrun’s blink-of-the-eye perspective - turning traffic lights, crinkled sheets, abandoned spaces, and still streets into a work of art in their very own right.

Dazed Digital: Why is photography important to you?
Gudrun Georges:
For me photography is a means of expression and allows an immediate connection with ideas, situations and people.  
It makes me happy and serene to shoot and also to look at photography, old and new,
in magazines, online and galleries.
Photography is a means of painting which I wish I could do.

DD: How did you discover photography?
Gudrun Georges: Besides always having had a camera as a kid, the first time it 
really hit me was in art class in high school.
Then I got more seriously into it after school when I lived a year in Rome and started to build a visual record through photos.

DD: You photograph ‘Things and Sights’, what are your favorite things and sights?
Gudrun Georges: Highly subjective, that could be anything that stops me in my tracks and makes me look twice.
I just try to keep my eyes open in general but to be precise I am always inspired by friends homes and what they collect and how their personality shows in that. I also love cities, architecture and whatever happens on the street, especially at night.

DD: What type of camera do you use and why?
Gudrun Georges: I shoot mostly digital these days with a Nikon D3 and various lenses. I would never leave my house without my little Panasonic Lumix LX5.
The great thing about digital photography beside being cheap and fast is that you omit the process of scanning film which I never enjoyed.

DD: Can you tell me more about your side by side images?
Gudrun Georges: I like the idea of my website being like a portfolio with double pages and creating a connection between images that come from completely different directions.
This way they become mini mood boards or stories. They have to fit together either by color, composition or atmosphere.

DD: What kind of things do you look for to feature in your work?
Gudrun Georges: I do not actively search for certain things but rather find them.
Even though I am highly selective it is hard to explain what exactly I do pick.
I am attracted by interesting light and colors, a certain quirkiness, oddness and decay.

DD: When you're not talking photographs, what do you do?
Gudrun Georges: Hanging out with friends and family, reading novels, watching tons of movies,
traveling and biking around New York...

DD: What are your ambitions?
Gudrun Georges: Trying to create good work that I still like in 10 years, keeping it interesting, avoiding the latest trends in photography, keep evolving and see where it leads.

DD: What projects are you working on at the moment?
Gudrun Georges: I photographed a knitting book that came out last fall. A while ago I started a blog which is an ongoing project. 
I also just did a fashion shoot for a designer friend and I am working on portrait commissions.

DD: Projects for the future?
Gudrun Georges: Some fashion/portrait stories and hopefully more books.
Continuation of the Things and Sights Series.