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Tania Shcheglova & Roman Noven

Also known as 'Synchrodogs', the photography duo hailing from Ukraine snap dark and trippy images with their budget cameras

Based in Ukraine, Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven (otherwise going by the name of Synchrodogs) are two photographers who have been experimenting with low quality cameras since their perhaps not-so-innocent youth. From frozen lakes to empty theatre stages across Eastern Europe, the duo have snapped haunting images of the surroundings available to them, often emanating a dark or eerie mood. Dazed speak to the oddly named pair about how they started and what's next to come...

Dazed Digital: How did you first get involved in photography?
Tania Shcheglova: As all girls, I started by taking crappy pictures of myself, and Roman got a film camera as a present and appeared to be smart enough to start taking pics of some pretty teachers which must have helped him in graduating from university [laughs].
DD: How do you think your background and location affects your style of photography?
Tania Shcheglova: We try not to shoot in the context of the cities we live in (these are two provincial cities of Ukraine that make us unemployed because of what we shoot). We always try to make the most of what is around, make friends with the director of the theatre or just find a distant place in the middle of the frozen lake. But all these locations do not reflect our style dramatically.
DD: What equipment do you use?
Tania Shcheglova: These are film cameras with different levels of crappyness.
DD: What was the first photo you ever took / memory of one?
Tania Shcheglova: Well for the first one we shot together, I remember us exchanging jeans, and there were some cut trees around, and rain together with the sun for two minutes.
DD: What other photographers/artists influence your work (if any)?
Tania Shcheglova: We actually always try to keep aside of too many artists around as the moment you start monitoring Internet you see too much and try to copy some details. We like to know that the things we do might not be unique as everybody shoot everything, but at least we know our vision was not influenced dramatically and what we shoot came to our mind, not to somebody else’s one. Of course there are so many things that blow our mind as there are still fresh ideas that some artists come to, but we can never remember any names to name.
DD: Your favourite photograph?
Tania Shcheglova: Out of what we've shot, it must be something from the new project “Hidden”. It’s not only about the look, we just like the feeling of running across the theatre at night, all alone and all naked.
DD: What projects are you working on now?
Tania Shcheglova: Recently we were working not on the project, but on the ideas for the new project. We try to make it all go deeper into some concept that is not obvious for all the people.
DD: What's next?
Tania Shcheglova: Let it be something where we will not make me freeze when it’s -5 degrees outside haha. This year we moved from the category “stupid” into a category “stupid and crazy” shooting me in some extremely uncomfortable places and curing me after. We try to create some experimental fashion, make our own non-existent clothes, look for some unused locations. But the real “what's next” answer is shooting wherever anyway, the conditions we never take into account.