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Echo Lake

The dreamy synth band take on new experimental sounds with a lo-fi buzz and eerie softness to their new EP

Psychedelic pop outfit Echo Lake started out as an experiment in sound in Thom Hill's bedroom and have progressed since to now make dreamy under-produced tracks like their new single 'Young Silence'. Skewing the traditional approach to songwriting, most of their music is born out of live performance before being written into a track. Their latest video was made by film-maker Daniel Nixon, who hacked into a Microsoft Kinect to capture the band's performance and has been compared to Radiohead's groundbreaking video 'House of Cards', albeit made on a slightly smaller budget...

WHAT'S… special about you, then?
Thom Hill:
 We go through quite a different process to most bands. Any other band I've been involved with in the past write their songs in a room together, then play live and then record. Ours is pretty much the opposite.
Linda Jarvis: Everything comes together really naturally for us. The way we write the songs as well as how we then play them live is completely natural. We didn't need to go through the 'do you know any drummers in London?' thing or even say 'shall we start a band?' because we were all friends before we became a band so it felt very comfortable from the start.

 ...your worst fashion secret?
Linda Jarvis: The boys in the band never show up in any disastrous outfits. They sport a wooly hat and Bruce Springsteen t-shirt look so there's not much to say there. For myself, it's colour-coordination for sure. I follow my own strict colour-matching rules. I wear a bow in my hair every day without a fail even though I'm in my mid-twenties. The bow needs to match either my shoes or my tights. And then I need to find a complimenting colour to wear with that combo so that I create a gradient.

 ...your favourite website?
Thom Hill: - This is the website of the girl who did the photography for our EP artwork and - this is the best website for killing time in the world!
Linda Jarvis: - My friend Ed has a website called 'the many faces of Ed Lilo' where he takes photos of people impersonating him. I'm on it somewhere with no make-up on so don't scroll through too far...

 ... your favourite sound (not echoes, not lakes)?
Thom Hill: The Omnichord. It’s a great little instrument that just makes anything you play sound beautiful.
Linda Jarvis: I love the sound of a truly epic guitar solo like in Galaxie 500 and Dinosaur Jr songs. My absolute favourite is probably in Fillmore Jive by Pavement. It makes me so happy.

... good for breakfast?
Thom Hill: Those huge New York diner breakfasts. To this day it's the best breakfast I ever ate, and the shake was so big it came in two and a half glasses. Not good for you at all but fucking great.
Linda: I often don't eat till about 8pm by which time I'll be so hungry that I'll just eat a huge amount of lonely pasta because I'll be too hungry to prepare something proper... I hate cooking so I try to only date boys who are good at it.

...are you listening to now?
Thom Hill: I really got back into PJ Harvey's Stories From the City… also Astral Weeks by Van Morrison but right now I’m listening to VU by The Velvet Underground.
Linda Jarvis: My housemates talking. One of them just said 'hey guess what, I've opened the maximum amount of tabs you're allowed in Google Chrome! They're so close together you can't even close them!' I'm not kidding, that just happened. But the music I've got playing in the background right now is Dinosaur Jr just because I wrote that answer about my favourite sound above and felt the urge to put on 'Bug'.

..the best thing about where you're from?
Thom Hill: Real chips. London has shit chip shops, they don’t even sell proper scallops.
Linda Jarvis:Its national language called 'Luxembourgish' which people find hard to believe even exists. I can use it as a secret-code language anywhere else.

How would you describe your work?
Thom Hill: 
Hypnotic pop songs.
Linda Jarvis: Swoon-pop.