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Buraka Som Sistema Exclusive Mix

Eclectic four-some Buraka Som Sistema take over London's XOYO this Saturday for a special one-off DJ/MC set before the launch of their new album this year

Buraka Som Sistema are a dance collective from Portugal made up of producers Lil’ John, Riot and Conductor, and MC Kalaf, who, along with an impressive extended family of MCs and dancers, put on the type of hectic live shows that has critics, bloggers and fans giving the group some massive hype. Their first album The Black Diamond was released in 2008 chock full of the African techno beats that make their signature sound. Buraka Som Sistema are playing on January 29th at XOYO alongside two new acts from their Enchufada label, Diamond Bass and Paus, as well as Zombies for Money. The group will also be recording their much-awaited second album, due out later in the year. Dazed caught up with them to find out more.

Dazed Digital: What were your highlights from 2010?
Buraka Som Sistema:
 It's all about the shows.. that's where we focus a lot of energy. Dour festival in Belgium or Delta Tejo in Lisbon were huge! 

DD: Do you feel your sound has changed or progressed noticeably since you first started releasing music, and if so how?
Buraka Som Sistema: There has definitely been some evolution, but because we have a very different sound, i feel that there's still so much to explore

DD: Do you think your heritage was one of the main influences for your music or do you feel more influenced by international sounds?
Buraka Som Sistema: I think that what we do is somewhere in the middle of our heritage and worldwide music... we're trying to bring something new to the table but at the same time celebrating music in general

DD: Any dream collaborators at the moment?
Buraka Som Sistema: We like ot let these things evolve naturally. there are actually some really exciting people we're connecting with in the US... and we're excited about some of the guests joining us in the redbull studio in london next week too.

DD: What are you most excited about next?
Buraka Som Sistema: Finishing our next album that we wanna release in september 2011


01. Boomslang - LV feat Malumkoolkat

02. Nerima Funk - Captain Bubbles

03. Kimene - Mastiksoul

04. Tesh and Maccas - Chaos in the CBD

05. Se Prepara - Diamond Bass

06. Releaserpm - Win Win

07. Clockwork - Canblaster

08. ZZAfrika - ZZT

09. ???? - Buraka

10. Laquisha (J-Wow Rmx) - French Fries

11. Brazzers - Dillon Francis & Dave Nada

12. Play - David Banner

13. Nasty Girl - Schlachthofbronx

14. ???? - Buraka