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Morning Parade

The five-piece hailing from Essex chat about too much smoking and Dancefloor Dale

Consisting of five young musicians, Morning Parade blend synths with energetic guitars and reverb to fuse to create an array of vocal-heavy tracks. Having released their debut single ‘Under The Stars’ receiving support from the likes of Radio 1, XFM, 6 Music, and Q music, the band have since been recording their debut album at the legendary 13 Studios owned by Damon Albarn with longtime Blur collaborator, Jason Cox.

...your worst vice? 

It's hard to call for the whole band, but smoking is definitely a shitty thing to do to your body and we do it a lot, probably the only thing I can think of that has no supporting evidence that positive side-effects exist... yet we go on chuffing away... 

...the story behind your name?

Late nights turning into early mornings... And early mornings queuing in traffic... Things we did a lot when we started writing together... It kinda stuck but the music has always been more important, the name was kind of an after thought...

... your favourite sound? 

Reverb... The digital kind is ok, but real echo chambers geekily excite us. We're really looking forward to going to LA to check out the old capitol reverb chambers and plates that have been heard on numerous classic records since way back when...

...your worst fashion secret?

We have a wolf as a driver and backline tech and he is a big fan of michelin man style gilets... He refuses to wear anything else. That and the fact I'm sure we've all sported a 1990's french crop or curtains at some point during our youth, highly regrettable. 

...your favourite website?

We are simple creatures... but we quite like this:  

... good for breakfast?

Waking with a clear head is always a bonus, along with something to aim for or at least some sort of direction. But eggs always go down well; scrambled, boiled or poached, maybe some smoked salmon too if we're feeling posh, which we rarely are. the top of your shit list?

Pointlessness. Wasted time. Insults.

...are you listening to now?

I'm in (keyboard player) Ben's car in traffic and he is chatting shit to someone on the phone, he has a mix CD on, so far I've heard Mason 'you are not alone' magnetic man 'I need air' some Miike snow remixes, all sorts. In general though, this year has been a mixture everyone is always fighting over the ipod cable in the van. Highlights have been Lissie, Local Natives, Chief, The National and more recently Jamie Woon, Warpaint and a solo acoustic guy called Dave Gibson. He opened last week at XOYO and he was great.

How would you describe your work?

It's not work, we get paid to do what we love doing so It's pretty good... But as for what we produce? It seems to be a good place to put things, memories, mistakes, passages of time... but its a work in progress, it always is... We're learning about music and songwriting all the time, trying to get basics and foundations first. We haven't even finished our first record and we're already writing and planning for the future.