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Niki and the Dove's Brilliant Pop

A new generation of Swedish pop stars are descending upon us and Niki and the Dove are leading the charge with new single Under the Bridges/DJ, Ease My Mind

Swedish act Niki and the Dove combine epic choruses with Eastern European drum styles to make soaring songs dripping with euphoria. Their double A side single Under the Bridges/DJ, Ease My Mind is the latest release as part of the Moshi Moshi Singles Club which shows off a fragile voice sparkling with vulnerability. Little is known about this project but its perplexing name and intriguing videos are at odds with the straightforward and unabashed dramatic nature of the songs. We speak to vocalist and main songwriter Malin Dahlström, as well as keyboardist and guitarist Gustaf Karlöf to try and find out more about them.



...your worst vice?
Candy and unbalanced time schedules.  

…the story behind your name?
Malin hid a dove in her sleeve every night last autumn. good about doves?
The thorough fascination for flying varieties and the freedom.

...good for breakfast?

...your worst fashion secret?
The two pageboy styles.

...your favourite website?

...inspiring you at the moment?
Animals. And the forest. Animals in the forest. the top of your shit list?

...your favourite season?
Malin: Spring
Gustaf: Fall

...the best piece of clothing you have?
Malin: My hummingbird earrings.

...your favourite film?
Malin: Blue Velvet, Husband & Wives.
Gustaf: Manhattan, The Player

...the best advice someone's given you?
Try a little tenderness.

...your hero?
Gustaf: Our planet trying to survive.

...your favourite language?
the language of love

How would you describe your work?
Irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future.