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Local Natives Exclusive Video

Los Angeles based Local Natives talk music, hot tubs and puppets with Dazed Digital as we preview the 'World News' video

Local Natives have risen to popularity like hot tub bubbles. Extensive touring, exclusive live airplay, tribal sounds, sunny Californian harmonies and even more touring have been the key to their rapid success. Dazed talks to the LA quintet in light of the exclusive release of their new video ‘World News’ on hitting the road, French puppets and… hot tubs.

Dazed Digital: Gorilla Manor has been a real success. What do you think made this happen and what does it take to keep at this level for the forthcoming albums?
Taylor Rice: We've been playing together for quite a long time; four years as a full band, Kelcey, Ryan and I have been singing together for more than seven years. We dedicated ourselves completely to the band and the making of our debut record, which we funded/made ourselves. We believe in the music and stand behind each song as a group on the album. For Future albums we plan to continue making music together in a collaborative in the collaborative spirit that made our first album special.  
What should we expect from your new album? Are you particularly proud of any feature, sound, effect on it you’re planning to incorporate?
Taylor Rice: We've been touring so much we haven't had tons of time to lay down many solid ideas. However we are always writing and I have (and have heard) many seeds of songs I'm excited about. On our debut I pulled back on guitar effects and only wanted very natural tones to complement the organic feel of the record, but I'm lookin forward to experimenting with guitar more on the upcoming album.
You’ve been touring extensively now. What new sounds of other cultures have you heard that have captivated you and would like to explore further?
Matt Frazier: The past year has been really overwhelming. As a kid I never really got to travel all that much and I think it's safe to say that within the last 12 months I've traveled more than I have my entire life... We all feel extremely lucky to be doing so. I'm really looking forward to experiencing more of the UK and European festivals as we got a little taste last summer while playing Latitude. There was this overall communal vibe that made us feel oh-so welcomed... we never once felt like foreigners.

DD: What do you do to kill your time when being on tour?
Matt Frazier: Our scheduling over the past few tours have been pretty meticulously planned out so the whole concept of free time has been almost non-exsistant (don't get me wrong, it's good to be busy). Down time usually comes while we're in the van, which is typically spent reading, working on artwork, or catching up on missed episodes of Lost. Occasionally we'll get a day off or two, it's then that we take advantage and happily become what most would so negatively refer to as "tourists".

DD: What are the books and records you are reading and listening to at the moment?
Matt Frazier: Current Listenings:
Bear in Heaven, "Beast Rest Forth Mouth" 
Fugazi, "13 Songs"
LCD Soundsystem, "This Is Happening"
Elvis Costello, "My Aim Is True"

DD: Current/Recent Readings:
Matt Frazier: Bronson by Charles Bronson
Alive by Piers Paul Read
Killing Yourself to Live by Chuck Klosterman
DD: Advise us what not to do when traveling abroad.
Andy Hamm: Take sleep,water and bathrooms for granted.

DD: What’s your favourite place to get lost in when on tour?
Andy Hamm: Hard to say, bc when it does happen I have no idea where I am.

DD: Are you guys superstitious? Do you have some sort of lucky charm, mascot or ritual you perform before jumping onstage?
Andy Hamm: Sometimes. I think we are still working out exactly what it is we need to do right before our set to get in the right mind set. The simpler the better seems to be working for us for the time being.
DD: Define music!
Ryan Hahn: The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations
DD: Describe your music as an image or visual representation.
Ryan Hahn: Going in a hot tub while it's raining.
DD: Who is the most charismatic person you have ever met in the music biz and why?
Ryan Hahn: I hate to pull this card but I kid you not our manager Phil is easily the most charismatic music biz person I've ever met. He's been in the industry longer than I've been alive. His glasses put Elton John to shame and he's got more stories than the empire state building.

DD: What musician or band would you like to hear making a cover of one of your songs?
Kelcey Ayer: I guess in the context of taking a style of music and flipping it on it's head, it would be cool to hear Fourtet do something with one of our songs.  I'm not a superfan yet, but from what I've heard I may be on my way.  His remix of "Scatterbrain" is incredible.     

DD: What is the worst question you have ever been asked?
Kelcey Ayer: A puppet in France asked us to harmonize on the spot once, so that was pretty weird.  We are still learning not to say yes to everything, so it was hard to tell even a puppet, "No", but I think we successfully evaded the question by charming the shit out of him.