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Berghain, Berlin
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Berghain is throwing a women-only party for IWD 2023

The Berlin club invites all genders to enjoy an all-women line-up for FC Grrrls United on March 7

From SOPHIE-themed Bratz dolls to the mass pardoning of witches, International Women’s Day always promises one or two genuine highlights, even if you have to search for them like needles in a haystack (the haystack being rampant capitalism and insincere solidarity posts littering brands’ social media feeds).

This year, Berghain has us covered, with plans to throw an all-women party the night before – and, since IWD is a public holiday in Berlin, there’s no need to worry about the morning after.

Opening two lesser-used spaces for the March 7 event, the Berlin superclub will feature an exclusive lineup of women artists. Paramida, Roza Terenzi, Sofia Kourtesis, and Virginia will play at the notorious Lab.Oratory, while on the ground floor Säule will play host to Flexible Heart, Grinderteeth, and Cuntroaches and Ziúr, who will both perform live.

If you’re intimidated by Berghain’s infamous door policy, then have no fear: the club says that there will be no dress code on the night. All genders are also welcome to attend, despite the fact that the name of the party – FC Grrrls United – is a play on the venue’s frequent all-male, sportswear-themed club night, FC Snax United.

Find more information on the International Women’s Day party via the Berghain programme, here.