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SOPHIE as a Bratz doll
Via Instagram (@bratz)

The SOPHIE Bratz doll is the only good International Women’s Day merch

The late musician has been immortalised as everyone’s favourite plastic doll

Yesterday (March 8) marked International Women’s Day, an occasion marred every year by the grubby hands of late capitalism. Normally, the merch is tactless, tasteless, and trash, but this year, there’s one exception: the Bratz doll of late producer SOPHIE.

The doll company shared its immortalisation of the musician on Instagram, which recreates the cover of her debut album, OIL OF EVERY PEAR’S UN-INSIDES

SOPHIE’s doll is part of Bratz’s month-long celebration of inspirational women, which will see the brand highlight “their lives and major moments in their careers”. SOPHIE is the first woman to be honoured in the series – a particularly poignant gesture as a trans woman.

The pioneering musician passed away in January after a sudden and tragic accident. Following her death, fans launched a petition calling on NASA to name a planet after SOPHIE. The petition read: “I want her name to be remembered and her influence to continue to flourish for many years to come.”

Last week, a collaboration between SOPHIE and producer Jlin, titled “JSLOIPHNIE”,  was released as part of a compilation by Unsound Festival. You can listen to the track here, and see SOPHIE’s Bratz doll below. Sadly, it doesn’t appear to be available to buy.

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day was ‘choose to challenge’, so yesterday on Dazed, we challenged the TERFs. Munroe Bergdorf penned an eloquent op-ed about what it’s like being trans in 2021; Mohamad Abdouni talked us through his book, Treat Me Like Your Mother, which explores the hidden history of Beirut’s resilient trans women elders; four women discussed the dire state of trans healthcare in the UK; and Ella Snyder, Charlie Craggs, and more spotlighted the trans women throughout history who’ve inspired them. See the full campaign here.