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Azealia Banks
via Instagram (@azealiabanks)

Is Azealia Banks launching her own reality show?

‘Finally people get to see the real me: an asshole’

Whether she’s calling Beyoncé a “creep” who “watches everything she does”, or slamming Grimes amid a very public feud involving Elon Musk, Azealia Banks has no problem airing her critical takes online. Now, the “Fuck Him All Night” rapper has announced that she might be starring in her own reality show – but claims that Nicki Minaj might have put her plans on hold.

Taking to Instagram yesterday (August 23), Banks wrote: “OK so the Azealia Banks reality TV show is happening. I’m excited.” Although she didn’t provide many details as to what viewers can expect from the project, she did promise that the show will give fans a more (?) unfiltered look at her personality, writing: “FINALLY people get to see the real me: an asshole.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Azealia Banks story without any controversy, and it didn’t take long for the artist to throw shade at fellow rapper Nicki Minaj. “I was supposed to start filming a reality show last month,” she posted on Insta stories. “But apparently Nicki gave the network an ultimatum because she knows I’ll have better ratings... And now they all hate her and think she’s ghetto, terrible to work with, overweight and boring.” 

The star did however confirm that she has three offers in the bag, so, if she’s telling the truth, it’s safe to assume that the show is still going ahead. 

Elsewhere, the artist’s hit song “212” is the opening track for Halina Reijn’s upcoming slasher-comedy satire Bodies Bodies Bodies, starring Amandla Stenberg and Pete Davidson. Last month, Banks also expressed her desire to work on a queer anthem with Lil Nas X, claiming that “the gworlz are actually going to shit themselves”. The Montero artist has previously expressed that he’s a fan of the rapper, though he’s reluctant to work with her musically – but never say never!