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Did Lady Gaga exist in ancient Babylon? An investigation

Serve it, ancient city style

Over the centuries, there have been countless myths and legends about the ancient city of Babylon, but none are as alluring as this: a historian was analysing letters from ancient Mesopotamia when she came across a woman named Lady Gaga who lived in the eighth century BCE Babylonia. Considering that Gaga has a song named “Babylon”, we can’t help but connect the dots: is she a sign sent from the gods? 

Currently on display at the National Museum of Iraq in Baghdad, the letter – published via the Twitter fan account Gaga Daily – is written in ancient cuneiform. Written by an unknown author, the message is addressed to a man called Šullumâ, informing him that his sister, Lady Gaga, has died. “The lady Gaga has died and your brother is troubled,” they write. “I have written to you out of desperation. Come quickly!”

The letter was deciphered by historian Moudhy Al-Rashid. “The first sign on the left is ‘mí’ which means ‘Lady’ or serves a similar purpose to ‘Ms,’” they explained to Gaga Daily. “The second and third signs are ‘ga’ & ‘ga,’ and the last one is ‘a’ to indicate that it would have been pronounced like ‘gagah’ with an accent on the second syllable.”

But that’s not all! Another letter, reported by Slate all the way back in 2011, sees the ancient Gaga write to her father, Sa-pi-Bel, with some minor domestic exchanges. It begins with Gaga berating her dad for not having written recently, before asking for advice about some stolen fruit. 

This isn’t the first time Gaga has been spotted across different dimensions. Viral clips have shown doppelganger versions of the singer surface as a taxi driver, a dentist, and even an Olympic athlete. Given Gaga’s many talents, from superstar singer to Oscar-winning actress, we wouldn’t be surprised if she has more hidden talents – maybe she’s a time-traveller, too.