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It turns out there are a lot of Lady Gaga doppelgängers out there

Will the real Lady Gaga please stand up

There’s quite a few celebrity doppelgängers kicking about out there. Every now and then, one of them will go viral thanks to their uncanny resemblance and then either profit from the sudden influx of attention – see baby Rihanna or the strange world of celebrity lookalikes – or be promptly forgotten about by the internet. 

The latest celeb twin to be making the rounds is a Brazilian dentist. Over the weekend, Lady Gaga fans stumbled upon a video uploaded by YouTuber Jaya Dutra and decided her orthodontist bore a striking similarity to their idol. The clip quickly went viral.

Given that the dentist is wearing a face mask, head cover, and plastic face shield revealing only her eyes and, granted, strong brows, the jury is still out on how much she actually looks like the star. However, this small detail did not deter the internet and the jokes came in thick and fast.

As well as references to Gaga’s song “Teeth” (low-hanging fruit in our opinion, much of the reaction focused on the singer's supposed versatility. It turns, there are a lot of Lady Gaga lookalikes out there. Firefighter Gaga. Fast Food Gaga. Tattoo Artist Gaga. See for yourself below.