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Doja Cat, Billie Eilish
Via Instagram/@dojacat, @billieeilish

Doja Cat reveals why she turned down a spot on Billie Eilish’s ‘Bellyache’

The ‘Say So’ musician was approached to collaborate by a pre-fame Billie Eilish back in 2017

Doja Cat has revealed that she almost collaborated with Billie Eilish before the singer became the world-famous, Grammy-winning artist we know today.

When Eilish was working on her 2017 song “Bellyache”, she reportedly reached out to the Planet Her musician, inviting her to contribute a verse. “I remember thinking it was so cute,” says Doja Cat in a new cover interview with Rolling Stone. “I loved it.”

In the end, however, Doja Cat had to turn the offer down because she “just couldn’t think of anything to write”. She adds: “It was one of my writer’s-block moments.”

She doesn’t seem to regret the missed opportunity too much, however, going on to note that she was happy to watch the track’s wild success from afar. “I remember seeing that song blow up and thinking, ‘Good for her. That’s awesome,’” she says. “I don’t think the song was for me, though. It was quite hard to write to.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Doja Cat discusses working with Dr. Luke, with whom she signed a record deal before he was was publicly accused of sexual assault and abuse by Kesha. She has previously refused to address criticism from fans, for working with Dr. Luke on “Say So”.

“I don’t think I need to work with him again,” she says in the new interview. “I don’t think I need to work with him in the future. I know that.”

Released in 2017, Billie Eilish’s “Bellyache” was revisited by the directors of the accompanying music video earlier this year, for a behind-the-scenes breakdown posted to TikTok. Meanwhile, Doja Cat’s most recent album, Planet Her, has made it onto Dazed’s list of the top 10 albums of the year.