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When Harry Met Sally fake orgasm scene

This album is made from the sound waves of people’s orgasms

*something about sax and a tromboner*

Have you ever wondered what your orgasm would sound like if it wasn’t just, err, a big old moan? Me neither! But now you can find out anyway, thanks to a new album based on the sound waves of real people climaxing.

The album, titled Extended Pleasure, has been created by sex toy brand LELO in collaboration with composer and producer Matt Emery. The five-track record features orgasm “donations” by individuals, straight and LGBTQ+ partners, the elderly, and more. 

To make the album, Emery transformed the raw orgasm recordings into sound waves, before composing music to match their ebbs and flows. “When emulating the orgasms and turning them into musical pieces, I composed the music writing to the actual orgasm sounds to capture the energy, tempo, and feel of each individual experience, which also helped decide which genre should be paired with each orgasm” explained Emery.

 Each track has a different genre based on the vibe of its donated orgasm – from, as the press release said, “climaxing classical to explosive arena rock”. Emery continued: “Instruments also played a big part in this, as I chose instruments not just for the melody or rhythm aspects but also to match certain characteristics of each orgasm too, be that the more intimate breaths captured when recording the saxophone, the inner mechanics of the piano, or the explosiveness of switching between clean and distorted guitars.

Track one is a jazz tune that uses distant saxophones to create “a bubbly feel which highlights the couple’s moments of joy and laughter as they pause and take a breath”, and a “twinkly piano” for when they climax. Song four is a post rock number, during which “intimate deep breathing and small groans make up the dreamy synth sounds” – it increases with intensity as it goes on before “suddenly (exploding) into a cinematic culmination of heavy guitars and strong drum beats”. Fear not fans of modern classical, lo-fi hip-hop, or 70s dance, there’s also something for you.

“Music is such a powerful entity that can encapsulate both the physical and mental state,” added Emery, “and it was great to recreate the essence of each orgasm into musical form.”

The aim of the project is to highlight the importance of sexual intimacy for everyone, no matter their age, sexual preference, or identity. “Intimacy comes in all shapes and forms,” Marcella Zanchi, LELO’s marketing and communications manager, said in a press statement, “so what is stopping us from exploring the exciting realms of satisfaction? Music triggers powerful emotions, and with this unique album, we hope to inspire people to embrace the power of intimacy and self-love.”

You can stream Extended Pleasure here. Top tip: it’s surprisingly good music to work to.