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Amelyun Nguyen

A TikToker was wrongly ‘pronounced dead’ at Astroworld

17 year old Amelyun Nguyen, who lives in Australia, isn’t even a fan of Travis Scott

A 17-year-old TikToker said she woke up “dead” after misinformation spread that she was at Travis Scott’s festival Astroworld.

The teenager was wrongly presumed dead following the concert in Houston, Texas, where 10 people were killed and hundreds more injured during Travis Scott’s headline performance. “Woke up and the world pronounced me dead,” Amelyun Nguyen said in a TikTok.

Nguyen told BuzzFeed News she has no idea how rumours spread of her death, as she’s not even a Travis Scott fan and lives some 9,000 miles away in Australia. She was alerted of her own ‘death’ after coming across several Instagram posts saying that she had died: “I was honestly very confused and was wondering how people found my pictures,” she said.

A tweet that seemed to be photoshopped was shared on TikTok claiming that she was “the first to be announced dead” after the festival. The tweet included a picture of Nguyen and a misspelling of her name. In one of the TikToks saying that she was dead, a commenter claimed they knew the teenager, doubling down after Nguyen denied knowing them.

“I am not a Travis Scott fan, before and after the incident,” Nguyen said, whose viral TikTok bringing to light the false reporting of her death has over one millions likes. “That made me feel so much better about the whole false death accusations, I told my close mutuals and we all had a good laugh.”

Misinformation has spread like wildfire online following the crushing at Astroworld festival, with TikTok being a particular hotbed for satanic conspiracy theories linked to the incident to circulate. Following the event, hundreds of videos began to emerge on TikTok, positing that Scott was conducting some kind of satanic ritual. Some also pointed out alleged satanic symbolism on the festival grounds.

A TikTok representative has responded that it is working on taking action against the content, including within its search suggestions. “Such content is in violation of our Community Guidelines and is being removed,” TikTok said.


woke up and the world pronounced me dead

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