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Radiohead Follow Me Around
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Radiohead share a new video for unreleased track ‘Follow Me Around’

A fan favourite from the OK Computer era finally gets an official release

Radiohead have released a video for their unreleased track “Follow Me Around”, over two decades after the song’s creation.

The track dates back to at least around 1997, during the band’s OK Computer era, and was often soundcheck during the touring of the album. It was considered for Radiohead’s following album, Kid A (2000) and then again for In Rainbows (2008), but an arrangement couldn’t be settled on. 

Now, “Follow Me Around” has finally been officially released as a single, along with a video, from the forthcoming KID A Mnesia, a reissue of their seminal albums Kid A and Amnesiac which includes previously unreleased material from the recording sessions of both albums.

In the video, Guy Pearce (Memento) rushes frantically around his flat trying to escape from a flying camera, eventually being forced out on the street and down the road. The actor tweeted at the weekend: “It’s not every day you find a free working toaster on the side of the road. It’s also not every day you get to be in a Radiohead video clip. Both happened a few weeks ago.”

The video follows the band’s recent release of “If You Say The Word”, another archival track that will feature on Kid A Mnesia, which was shared in September with a new video. In it, a group of men in suits hunt for office workers in a forest, who are then loaded into a truck and transported to London. Released into the city with briefcases, the workers then gradually blend in with other commuters.

KID A Mnesia will be released on November 4. Watch the “Follow Me Around” video in full below.