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Radiohead, ‘If You Say The Word’
via YouTube/Radiohead

Watch Radiohead’s sinister video for archival track ‘If You Say The Word’

A group of men go hunting for office workers in visuals for the recently-unearthed Kid Amnesiae track

Radiohead have shared a new music video for their previously-unreleased song “If You Say The Word”, which has finally seen the light of day as part of the band’s new Kid A Mnesia box set.

The typically-dystopian video revolves around a group of men that enter a forest to hunt what appear to be wild office workers, who are then loaded into a truck and transported to London. Released into the city with briefcases, the workers then gradually blend in with other commuters.

Directed by Kasper Häggström, the visuals follow the release of “If You Say The Word” earlier this month (September 7). The archival track is the first single to arrive from Radiohead’s record of unreleased rarities Kid Amnesiae (AKA “a memory palace of half-remembered, half-forgotten sessions & unreleased material”).

Kid Amnesiae will make up part of the forthcoming Kid A Mnesia collection, alongside reissues of the 2000 and 2001 albums Kid A and Amnesiac, which commemorate the 20th anniversary of each project.

Over the last year, Radiohead have also looked back over the band’s career with the release of archival concert footage (dug up via the extensive Radiohead Public Library project) and, more recently, an eerie Thom Yorke remix of their seminal track “Creep”.

The full Kid A Mnesia collection is out November 5. Watch the video for “If You Say The Word” below.