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Grimes selfie from IG
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Grimes shares single that her label doesn’t want to release

‘My label doesn’t think this is a single, what do y’all think?’ she said

Earlier this month, Grimes, announced that she’s finished recording her sixth studio album. Describing the record’s “vibez”, the artist explained that the concept is “space opera”, with the record revolving around a lesbian AI romance

Now, the musician has teased a snippet of a new track – titled “100 Percent Tragedy” – on social media. According to the post, however, her label doesn’t want to release the song. “My label thinks this isn’t a single, what do y’all think?” she wrote on TikTok. “Imo this song shud have a music video.”

In the clip, the singer dances in slow motion with a flowing fan under pink light, while the dance-pop club anthem plays in the background. 

Grime’s last album, Miss Anthropocene was released with indie record label 4AD. Her latest album, however, will be made with Columbia records, after the singer announced that Miss Anthropocene would be her “final album for my shit label”. 

Otherwise, Grimes revealed via Instagram that she’s joining streaming platform Discord to play games with fans and drop some unreleased music. 

“Join the Grimes discord and play games with me, and we’re gonna start leaking a bunch of unreleased music in Discord 2 Xxxxo updates soon,” she explained in the caption. So far, this has included a track, reportedly called “Shinigami Eyes”, which was shared on the platform in June.

Last month, pop musician Raye publicly voiced her own frustrations with her record label, Polydor – claiming that they were holding back her debut album from release. “I’ve done everything they asked me, I switched genres, I worked 7 days a week, ask anyone in the music game, they know,” she stated in an emotional series of tweets, which sparked conversations about how record labels mistreat artists

Elsewhere, Grimes announced last week (July 17) that she will be joining and Alanis Morissette as judges on “the world’s first avatar singing competition series”, Alter Ego. Similarly to Grimes’ ‘WarNymph’ digital avatar, which was revealed on social media to promote Miss Anthropocene last year when she was pregnant, the show will “merge talent and technology” as contestants compete as their “dream avatars”. 

Check out Grimes’ “100 Percent Tragedy” TikTok below.


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