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Nicole Nodland

Listen to a newly-unearthed Prince song, ‘Born 2 Die’

The 2010 track features on the archival Prince LP Welcome 2 America, coming later this year

Another new Prince song, titled “Born 2 Die”, has been released ahead of Welcome 2 America, an unearthed 23-track album recorded in 2010, which will be the first studio LP to emerge from the musician’s legendary archive since his death in 2016.

The newly-released song was originally recorded during “a flurry of studio activity in the spring of 2010”, a statement explains, “when President Obama was just a year into his first term and Prince was reflecting deeply on the issues affecting the Black community and the role he hoped to play”.

It was also apparently recorded in response to a speech by the public intellectual (and Prince’s friend) Dr. Cornel West, which the musician watched on YouTube. “During one speech Dr. West said, ‘I love my brother Prince, but he’s no Curtis Mayfield’,” the statement continues. “So Prince said, ‘Oh really? We will see.’”

“Born 2 Die” also follows the forthcoming record’s title track, which arrived via Prince’s estate in April this year. Welcome 2 America is set to be released in full on July 30.

Several other once-forgotten Prince projects have similarly seen the light of day in the last couple of years, including “Cosmic Day” — a track featured on the reissue of Prince’s 1987 album Sign O’ The Times — and a previously-unheard radio show. The new Prince material isn’t just limited to music, though: in July, an exhibition at Paisley Park will also pay tribute to his iconic custom shoe collection.

In the meantime, listen to “Born 2 Die” below.