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Cardi B, WAP
Cardi B, WAPvia YouTube/Cardi B

Cardi B highlights ‘small Black artists’ amid calls for Grammys boycott

The rapper has reminded fans not to let high-profile snubs overshadow other artists’ nominations

As usual, the upcoming Grammys ceremony has attracted more than its fair share of controversy, with The Weeknd and other artists pledging a permanent boycott due to alleged corruption in its nomination process. Amid the drama, however, Cardi B has reminded fans to “congratulate the small Black artists” whose nominations have been overshadowed.

“I do feel that there were some albums and songs that should have been considered for nominations,” she writes in a statement posted to social media. “Maybe by next year they will get it right. However let’s not forget the Grammy’s nominated soo many independent black artists this year that don’t get exposure by blogs, magazines, and other award shows.”

The “WAP” rapper goes on to namecheck artists including Chika, Freddie Gibbs, Jay Electronica, Kaytranada, Ant Clemons, Free Nationals, and Thundercat.

“It’s frustrating sometimes to work and work on your craft and you feel overlooked because you might not look like others,” she adds. “You rap or sing about different material, you stay out of drama and the media.”

“Besides all the bullshit let’s not forget to congratulate these artists. This is their moment too and they been working their ass off with no exposure and let’s not overshadow it with feelings cause your favourite might not be on the list.”

“Congrats guys and good luck on the Grammys. You deserve it.”

Following Cardi B’s statements, some have accused her of supporting the Grammys, despite the Recording Academy’s ongoing problems with racial representation and gender diversity. In response to the claims, she writes: “NO… I’m highlighting these underrepresented artist(s) that got nominated and no one blinked an eye to congratulate them cause everybody throwing tantrums over artist that submit their music to an award show that they claim to hate.”

Last week, the Recording Academy announced its next step in addressing biases and underrepresentation, with a study on women’s representation in music. The announcement follows news that only 23% of the overall nominees for the March 14 ceremony identify as women.

Back in 2019, Cardi B herself became the first female solo artist to win Best Rap Album at the ceremony, for her record Invasion of Privacy.