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Dev Hynes, Dazed
Photography Wolfgang Tillmans, styling Danny Reed

Dev Hynes raises $500,000 for charity with a 48 hour t-shirt sale

The artist, aka Blood Orange, released the t-shirt to benefit The Movement For Black Lives and The LGBTQ Freedom Fund

Just two days ago (June 2) Dev Hynes, otherwise known as Blood Orange, released a shirt “to raise money and awareness” for funds and organisations involved in America’s nationwide protests. Today (June 4) Hynes announced that the t-shirt, which was on sale for 48 hours, raised over half a million dollars.

The t-shirt itself features the phrase “if you love black culture protect black lives”, as well as a Blood Orange logo layered over that of Brain Dead, the LA-based clothing brand and creative collective that collaborated on the design.

All of the proceeds from sales of the shirt will go directly to The Movement For Black Lives, which has called for a week of action in the wake of the killing of George Floyd in police custody, and The LGBTQ Freedom Fund, which is helping provide bail for protesters.

In a statement posted to Instagram along with the announcement of the funds raised, Hynes writes: “Never doubt your self worth, let it be known what can be done by a community that truly deeply cares.” 

“It infuriates me seeing large companies (yes your favourite brands that throw an image from black culture on a tee and charge you an arm and a leg to fund moral questioning defense contractors) and artists that have mined and pulled from black culture idly letting time go by and quite literally doing the bare minimum just to save face.” 

“They should be embarrassed and ashamed. We are all smarter than this and we see right through it, and I refuse to tolerate this anymore. Will be posting links in my stories to more means re: action.”

Hynes’ original post about the t-shirts also encourages fans to donate directly to the funds.

View the announcement of the $500,000 raised below.