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Charli XCX
courtesy of Instagram/@charli_xcx

Charli XCX is inviting fans to remix how i’m feeling now

The musician has shared the full stems for her recent quarantine album, and says remixes could feature in an additional release

The production of Charli XCX’s recently released album, how i’m feeling now, brought people together during lockdown. Fans and collaborators contributed artwork, featured in a music video, and even co-wrote some lyrics throughout the process, which Charli shared openly via social media.

Even now that the record is officially out, the musician is still open to collaboration. Just last night (May 22) she shared the full audio stems for how i’m feeling now, inviting fans to send in their remixes or edits.

“Gonna collect my favs for a special drop,” she adds in the tweet, “which might possibly include some demos/additional tracks from me.”

Charli has previously invited fans and other artists to remix “Forever”, the first track to be released from the album.

Each individual release has also included three official artworks designed by artists including Caroline Polachek and Jon Emmony. Unofficial artwork from fans, which has been collected on the musician’s Instagram, will apparently feature in a collaborative book based around the album.