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‘forever’ artwork by Caroline Polachek
‘forever’ artwork by Caroline Polachekvia Instagram/@charli_xcx

Charli XCX wants you to remix the first track from her self-isolation album

The singer also wants clips from fans to complete the ‘forever’ video

Charli XCX has wasted no time on her new, “very DIY” album, how i’m feeling now, which is being written and recorded from self isolation. Announced on April 6, it has an expected release date of May 15 and the first track – “forever” – is already out.

Not only that (and the fact it’s a banger, naturally) but the singer has also released the stems for the track, inviting fans to send her remixes on social media. Notably, Grimes replied to the post yesterday evening (April 10), writing: “Might actually mess around w this today.”

The very free and impromptu method fits with the rest of the album’s production, which Charli XCX has opened out to fans and potential collaborators (including Rebecca Black, Caroline Polachek, and Grimes, as she revealed in Dazed’s Zoom chat).

In an Instagram post, she’s also asked fans for help with the “forever” video, requesting clips following specific instructions, such as walking around your house or holding a sentimental object. (Also: “make it cute!!!”)

Another collaborative effort was involved in the creation of the song’s cover art. “forever” has no less than three official artworks, all based on a picture posted to Instagram, which was interpreted by three different artists (Caroline Polachek included). View them all – and listen to the track itself – below.