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Charli XCX
via Instagram/@charli_xcx

Charli XCX shares the latest track and visuals from her forthcoming album

I Finally Understand is the third song to be shared from the singer’s self-isolation record, how i’m feeling now

Charli XCX has released “I Finally Understand”, the third song to be shared from her upcoming self-isolation album, how i’m feeling now. The album itself is set to arrive next week, as confirmed in a recent Instagram post.

Like previous tracks “Forever” and “Claws” before it, “I Finally Understand” comes with three official artworks from artists including Jon Emmony and the New York-based artist Allison Zuckerman.

Charli XCX has also been playing demos of other tracks from the new album, and has consistently shared updates on the record’s progress – including earlier versions of “I Finally Understand” – with fans via Instagram Live.

Listen to “I Finally Understand” below.