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HAIM, I Know Alone video
‘I Know Alone’ videovia YouTube/HAIM

HAIM share a new video and album release date

Previously pushed back due to coronavirus, Women In Music Pt. III now seems to be coming sooner than expected

Late last month (March 23), HAIM announced that they would be pushing back their much-anticipated new album, Women In Music Pt. III, due to “everything that is going on with COVID-19 and the changing nature of travel policies and quarantines across the world”.

Originally, the release date was supposed to be rescheduled to late summer, but today (April 29) the band released another statement, saying: “fuck that we are gonna release it on june 26th, just in time for summer”.

Accompanying the good news is, well, more good news. Pretty much simultaneously, HAIM premiered a video for their new – aptly titled – track, “I Know Alone”. 

The visuals, remotely directed by filmmaker Jake Schreier, see them dancing in unison on a basketball court (though they do seem to stay about two meters apart, so they’re not at too much risk of breaking any guidelines).

Watch the “I Know Alone” video, and read HAIM’s statement about the album release, below.