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Radiohead archive YouTube

You can now watch full archival Radiohead concerts online

The Radiohead Public Library is making its way onto YouTube

From reliving the best of old Glastonbury sets to making your own Grimes video, to watching your favourite musicians play live streams or give surprise Zoom interviews (like Charli XCX just last night), there are a lot of things to do music-wise in isolation.

Now, Radiohead are doing their bit by uploading the best of their concerts to their YouTube channel. Taken from the extensive Radiohead Public Library archive, the collection includes Live From a Tent in Dublin from the year 2000, according to Pitchfork – a show that features a lot of tracks from Kid A, which had been released less than a week before the band played the show. 

The Radiohead Public Library archive was launched in January, with a member of the band playing the role of librarian each day by curating their favourite materials from the archive. Fans sign up online to “get a library card” and then can explore the back catalogue, which includes the 1998 documentary Meeting People Is Easy and a great cover of New Order’s “Ceremony”, among a whole lot more. 

“Now that you have no choice whether or not you fancy a quiet night in, we hereby present the first of several LIVE SHOWS from the Radiohead Public Library now coming to Radiohead’s YouTube channel,” the band wrote on their Instagram. The first show footage will go online at 10pm UK time on April 9, with more to come.

The news arrives following Radiohead’s announcement that they will be taking a break from making music together for 2020, to focus on other projects. Earlier this year, we published photos from Thom Yorke’s Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes solo tour in the US.