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Aphex Twin
Publicity image via Warp Records

Aphex Twin has shared six new tracks – listen now

Lockdown just got a little bit easier

Aphex Twin has shared six new tracks on his not-so-secret Soundcloud account. The producer, whose real name is Richard D. James, uploaded the material to his user18081971 account on the streaming platform over the course of the past week.

The most recent song “qu 1”, uploaded yesterday (April 7), comes with a message dedicated to his late father. “See you on the other side, dad,” it read. The remaining five tracks are titled “Tha2 [world scam mix]”, “s8v1 [brooklyn]”, “tha2”, “prememory100N pt2”, and “m11st lon”.

The producer, whose last official release was 2018’s Collapse, began sharing material on the platform back in 2015. Since then, user18081971 has hosted hundreds of unreleased songs. The numbers ‘18081971’ are thought to correspond with James’s birthdate, August 18, 1971.

Earlier this month, the musician shared a heartfelt message online mourning the loss of his father and warning people about the current political climate. “Huge heartfelt condolences to anyone grieving right now, I lost my father recently and it’s been really tough, it was not related to C19 (COVID-19),” read the now-deleted note.

Listen to the tracks below.