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Childish Gambino
Photography Ibra Ake

Donald Glover is counting down to... something

The timer could signal the official release of new music, which streamed online for a limited time last week

Last week (March 15), Donald Glover dropped new music – as well as a few recognisable but previously-unreleased tracks – in a mysterious livestream titled Donald Glover Presents. In the end, the music was only up for 12 hours, but a timer has now taken its place on the website, counting down to… something.

What that something is, exactly, isn’t yet clear. It could be a permanent release of the music from the Donald Glover Presents stream, or potentially more new music. 

The music in the initial stream included “Feels Like Summer” – a track first premiered under his Childish Gambino alias in July 2018, and included in his 2019 film, Guava Island – and previously-unreleased tracks such as Algorythm

Collaborations with Ariana Grande and 21 Savage also featured.

What we do know is that we don’t have too long to wait to find out what Donald Glover is counting down to. The timer ends tomorrow morning (March 22), at 7AM GMT.