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Donald Glover

Donald Glover drops new music in a livestream

The website features cover art, but no title as of yet

In need of some good news? Donald Glover appears to have released new music – and possibly the entirety of his much-awaited new album – in the form of an enigmatic livestream titled “Donald Glover Presents”.

While Glover hasn’t publicly acknowledged the stream, which came pretty much out of nowhere, the link to the website has been shared on social media and reportedly retweeted by Glover’s management.

Though there’s no sign of the artist’s Childish Gambino moniker anywhere, “Feels Like Summer” – the track he premiered under the name back in summer 2018, along with an animated video – has featured on the stream, along with music previously heard at live shows, such as “Algorythm”.

As for the new music, attentive fans have been speculating about features from Ariana Grande, SZA, and 21 Savage

The “Donald Glover Presents” site also features cover art in four separate panels, depicting a city on fire (which, tbh, feels pretty timely) but no definite record title yet. See it for yourself here.