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King Krule, ‘Alone, Omen 3’ video
King Krule, ‘Alone, Omen 3’via YouTube/King Krule

Watch King Krule’s new video for a track off his forthcoming album

‘Alone, Omen 3’ is directed by the London-based artist Jocelyn Anquetil

King Krule’s new album, Man Alive!, is on the way and – ahead of its release – he’s been sharing some of the new music and visuals. Today (February 5) for example, he’s graced us with a new video for the track “Alone, Omen 3”.

The video is directed by the artist and director Jocelyn Anquetil, and features King Krule (aka Archy Marshall) hanging out by the river and having a bit of a moment in a mirrored room.

It’s not, however, the first time we’ve heard the track, as it was also featured in “Hey World!”, the 15-minute short film directed by his partner, Charlotte Patmore, released late last year.

Man Alive! will release February 21 and be supported by a tour with dates in Europe and the US.

Meanwhile, watch the new video below.