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Gorillaz, Momentary Bliss
courtesy of YouTube/Gorillaz

Gorillaz release episode one of Song Machine, with slowthai and Slaves

Additional ‘Machine Bitez’ record casual conversations between the band and the artists

After teasing their new project, Song Machine, over the last few days, Gorillaz have released the first episode, which includes a new song featuring slowthai and Slaves.

The episode and song – titled “Momentary Bliss” – give us a much better idea of what Song Machine is all about. (Though a preview of the song was posted on Wednesday, January 29, it wasn’t 100% clear what format the project would take.)

The new video features the members of Gorillaz hanging out for a casual, half-animated, half-live-action jam session with slowthai and Slaves, reflecting the more laid-back approach the virtual band are supposed to be taking toward collaborations. 

“We don’t even know who’s stepping through the studio next,” said the drummer, Russel, in a previously-released statement.

Alongside the Song Machine episode come audio clips – or “Machine Bitez” – of conversations between the band members and the respective featured artists. 

One contains the story of how Gorillaz’ 2-D originally met Slaves in an Aldi supermarket (relatable). Another records a conversation between the frontman and slowthai about what they got for Christmas (“a good hiding” for slowthai and a Louis Theroux t-shirt for 2-D) and the meaning of “Momentary Bliss”.

Watch the new episode and listen to the “Machine Bitez” below.