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courtesy of Instagram/@miamatangi

M.I.A. says new material is on the way

Listen to an untitled teaser

M.I.A. has suggested that new music is on the way, with an untitled teaser posted to social media. “New decade, new MIA,” reads the caption. “Exploring planets and platforms.”

A long time has passed since the musician’s last full-length release, AIM, in 2016, but we’re not going to have to wait much longer for whatever she has in store next (although it’s admittedly not 100% clear what that is, exactly). The release date she gives is Friday, January 31.

As a result, the morsel of new music offered up in the post – along with some trippy visuals – has inspired some inevitable excitement along fans. Azealia Banks probably sums the general feeling up best in her Instagram comment: “COME THE FUCK THRU SIS WHAAAAAAAT.”

Of course though, M.I.A. hasn’t been entirely quiet in the time in between now and her last album (which she suggested could mark her retirement from making albums altogether). Steven Loveridge’s documentary about her was one of Dazed’s films of 2018, and, at the end of the same year, she shared the video for an old, 2004 track: “Reload”.

More recently, she’s accepted an MBE and, in doing so, paid tribute to her mother.

Watch/listen to the new teaser below.