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Teyana Taylor, We Got Love
courtesy of YouTube/Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor finally releases the long-delayed track ‘We Got Love’

The track, which was supposed to be on K.T.S.E., apparently got cut because of sample clearance issues

The rollout of Teyana Taylor’s second studio album, K.T.S.E., back in June 2018, was complicated to say the least. In an interview that set the record straight after the release, for example, Taylor said that she didn’t know the Kanye West-produced album was going to drop without visuals or singles, or that it would be so short (at just 23 minutes).

A new song from the singer – “We Got Love” – might give some insight into why the album was shorter than expected, though.

Despite it only being released on streaming services yesterday (December 6), the track is definitely K.T.S.E. era. It’s previously been played at the album’s original listening party and performed on SNL with Kanye himself.

Apparently, the only reason it wasn’t on the album when it came out was because of sample clearance issues.

Luckily for us, these all must have been resolved in the time that’s passed since.

Listen below.