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Massive Attack
Massive Attack liveCourtesy of Technique PR

Massive Attack commission report into carbon neutral touring

The band is working on a blueprint with academics that will map the carbon footprint of the music industry

Massive Attack have commissioned a report into the carbon footprint of touring.

The group, who have previously worked with Extinction Rebellion on certain events and been involved with  reforestation and carbon offsetting programmes, have partnered with the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research in response to the climate crisis. 

In a press release announcing the partnership, Massive Attack admit that carbon offsetting is not a suitable response to an international emergency. By referencing the recent reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and their own research, they claim that carbon offsetting is not effective enough. “Offset and forget cannot work in a climate & biodiversity emergency,” they emphasise in the official statement released this morning, and stress the need for an immediate collective action across the music industry to efficiently reduce carbon impact. 

The research commissioned by the band will be based on data collected during Massive Attack tour concerts over a four-year period. The report will focus on band venue impact, travel, and production and audience transportation. Professor Carly McLachlan of Tyndall Manchester told the BBC that, “It is a high carbon sector and we need to try and tackle that, because every sector has to be part of the transition to a low-carbon economy.” 

The scientists were asked to prepare not only a report with all the findings but also a form of blueprint for touring musicians, which will explain how to limit the carbon emissions significantly while planning tours.  It will be shared with the live music community in hopes that the touring-induced carbon footprint can be reduced to a minimum. 

In its statement, Massive Attack also admit that the proposed changes might prove to be difficult to implement, but emphasise that “‘business is as usual’ is unacceptable” now that the immediate action is required. The group also believes that the music industry is aware of the necessity of more substantial changes and that there is a strong sense of determination within the entertainment community.