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Kurt Cobain, MTV Unplugged
Kurt Cobain, MTV Unpluggedcourtesy of YouTube/nirvana

Kurt Cobain’s iconic cardigan sells for a record price at auction

The Nirvana frontman’s green mohair knitwear was worn on MTV Unplugged

Picture Kurt Cobain and there’s a pretty good chance he’s wearing his now-famous green cardigan; if there was a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for knitwear, it would definitely be in it.

Buyers agree, it seems, as the cardigan – olive green, Manhattan brand acrylic and mohair, for knitwear enthusiasts – just sold for $334,000 (just over £260,000) at an auction in New York’s Hard Rock Cafe.

At the same two-day auction one of Cobain’s custom Fenders was sold for $340,000 among memorabilia from Bob Dylan, Madonna, Queen, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, and more.

But what makes the cardigan so special that it almost equals the price of one of Kurt’s favourite guitars (as stated in an accompanying letter signed by Courtney Love) and takes the prize for “the most expensive sweater” to be sold at auction? 

Well, besides perfectly encapsulating the Nirvana singer’s grungy vibe, this cardigan was the one worn at the band’s iconic MTV unplugged session, a personal and much-acclaimed performance recorded just five months before Cobain committed suicide in April 1994.

You can see him wearing it in the clip below.