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Blood Orange
via Instagram (@devhynes)

Blood Orange is releasing his first classical music album

Fields is a collaboration between Dev Hynes and Grammy-winning ensemble Third Coast Percussion

Blood Orange, AKA Dev Hynes, has announced that he is releasing his first-ever classical music album, Fields, in collaboration with Chicago ensemble, Third Coast Percussions. 

Released on October 11, Fields is split into two sections, totalling 13 tracks. The first is called “For All Its Fury” and features 11 tracks. The second is made up of two additional compositions, titled “Perfectly Voiceless” and “There Was Nothing”. Hynes wrote the scores, which were then arranged and orchestrated by Third Coast Percussion. 

“This was the first time I’ve written music that I’ve never played, and I love that,” Hynes said in a statement. “It’s something I’ve always been striving to get to. Seeing what Third Coast Percussion had done with these pieces was magical.”

But Fields isn’t Hynes’ first delve into classical music. The New York artist has performed with classical pioneer Philip Glass on multiple occasions, while in 2017, he composed a piece called “Suite Per il Servo Moro” during a residency in Florence. 

The album is his first following the release of his 14 track long mixtape Angel’s Pulse in July.