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Cardi B meets Bernie Sanders
Cardi B interviews Bernie Sandersvia

Watch Cardi B interview Bernie Sanders

The rapper met the Democrat presidential candidate to discuss the minimum wage and unemployment in America

Cardi B was recently photographed meeting with Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders at TEN, a black-owned nail bar business in Detroit. Now, the rapper has shared a video of this once in a lifetime meeting of minds. 

“A couple of weeks ago I asked my followers if you all had the chance to ask a Democratic candidate a question, what would that question be?” Cardi wrote in the video’s caption on Instagram. “The topic that was mentioned the most by all of you was about raising MINIMUM WAGE. I got the chance to ask Bernies Sanders about this, and these are his answers.”

In the video, Cardi says to Sanders: “As a New Yorker, not now, but you know, when I was not famous, I just felt like no matter how many jobs I get, I wasn't able to make ends meet. Like, I wasn’t able to pay my rent, get transportation and eat.”

In response, Sanders discusses how tens of millions of Americans are having to living off starvation wages despite being in work. “Can you imagine somebody today earning $9 an hour?” he asked. “How do you pay your rent? How do you pay for food? How do you pay for transportation?” He added that unions are crucial in the fight for fair wages. “What we also have to do is make it easier for workers to join unions so they can sit down and engage in collective bargaining and earn a decent living.”

Watch the video below, and while you’re at it, visit the Bernie Sanders campaign website here and consider donating or volunteering your time if you have the means to do so.