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Lizzo and Missy Elliott in the Tempo video
Lizzo and Missy Elliott in the Tempo videocourtesy of YouTube/Lizzo Music

Lizzo releases a video for ‘Tempo’, featuring Missy Elliott

If you ever wanted to see Missy Elliott spring from inside a car bonnet, now’s your chance

This April, Lizzo released her newest album, Cuz I Love You, which featured the single “Tempo” with Missy Elliott. We’ve had to wait a few months but now the single has a video to go with it and, to borrow lyrics from the song: “Twerk skills up on legendary.

Lizzo looks pretty Lizzo in the video, strutting in a spangly outfit and a red wide-brimmed hat that seems like a nod to the yeehaw agenda. Joining her about halfway through, Missy Elliott leaps from under a car bonnet – unlike the rest of the cars in the lot, this one isn’t preoccupied with throwing dancers up in the air with hydraulics – in a tracksuit reading “Tempo” and a chain reading “Iconic” (accurate).

If that wasn’t enough there’s also a small flute solo to look forward to (Lizzo is a trained flautist, sometimes playing onstage at huge shows).

Elsewhere, Lizzo has made her feature film debut alongside J-Lo and Cardi B, in Hustlers, a movie about strippers swindling Wall Street workers. Watch the trailer. Earlier this year, Missy Elliott was the first female rapper to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Watch “Tempo” below.