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Nirvana play Pier 48, Seattle, 1993
Nirvana play Pier 48, Seattle, 1993courtesy of YouTube/@Virtual Jukebox

You’ll soon be able to stream Nirvana’s Live and Loud

The 1993 show, recorded by MTV, will also be reissued on vinyl

As far as recorded Nirvana shows go, the live album MTV Unplugged in New York pretty undeniably takes the cake – the hype surrounding it even led to Kurt Cobain’s cardigan that he wore onstage being auctioned off in 2015. Very shortly after the iconic Unplugged gig though, MTV recorded another show the band played at Seattle’s Pier 48, in late December 1993. 

The recording was released as a video album, Live and Loud, in 2013, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band’s last album, In Utero. Now, it’s finally going to be coming to streaming services, giving fans without CD players (because let’s face it, there’s probably more people in the middle of that Venn diagram than you’d like to admit) a chance to listen to Nirvana’s stellar live performance.

The recording is also coming to vinyl, reissued by Geffen/UMC and arriving August 30.

On the topic of old Nirvana recordings, it’s recently been uncovered that some of the band’s master recordings were lost in a 2008 fire at Universal Studios. Kurt has also had a shoutout and songwriting credit from Lil Nas X on his new EP as well though, so…