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Sega Bodega, of NUXXE
Photography Leon Mark, styling Peghah Maleknejad

Sega Bodega claims members of the Hilton family stole his music

Kris Jenner reposted a snippet of a track from the Hilton DJ duo’s Instagram, which the musician claims was produced by members of the NUXXE collective

Sega Bodega, heavy-beat-maker and member of the Dazed 100-featured collective NUXXE, has taken to Twitter to call out what seems to be a pretty flagrant piece of plagiarism. The content in question is an abrasive snippet of music he claims to own, posted by Kris Jenner, of all people.

Obviously, Kris Jenner isn’t claiming to have produced the music. Instead, she’s promoting it for the supposed creators: the DJ duo Humanmosaic.

And why is Kris Jenner delving into noisy, experimental electronica? Well, turns out Humanmosaic is made up of Barron Hilton (younger brother of Paris, friend of the Kardashian clan and 2014’s highest paid female DJ herself, apparently) and his wife, Tessa.

But Sega Bodega has made it pretty clear that he thinks their music is a straight rip-off of work by him and Coucou Chloe (another member of NUXXE), adding: “pass us the invoice details when u get a mo.”

The Instagram post does lack any credit for Sega Bodega and gives no suggestion that the clip doesn’t belong to Humanmosaic. Over email, Sega Bodega adds: “Quite an odd one, when you’ve got people asking them to ‘release this!!’ and they respond with ‘stay tuned’, seems massively misleading.”

When we reached out to them, Humanmosaic did apologise and stressed that the post was a misunderstanding stemming from a lack of attribution. “As DJs, we often work with different artist’s tracks,” they say.

“We had recently released our first set under Humanmosaic and were in the process of working on a more experimental set where we were opening with the track ‘Weep’. When someone said ‘release this’, we said ‘stay tuned’ in reference to our next set. We never intended to ‘steal’ a track and we now understand how this was confused for our own.”

“We sincerely apologise to the two talented producers, Sega Bodega and Coucou Chloe. We both admire their work and we should have properly credited them.”

Despite a couple of comments referencing Sega Bodega’s claims, Kris Jenner’s post wasn’t immediately removed. Both Jenner’s and the original Humanmosaic post have disappeared since, though.