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A documentary about Beyoncé’s Coachella performance is on the way

Get ready to relive the best show of 2018

Coachella is just around the corner; from April 12, the festival will feature headliners Childish Gambino, Ariana Grande, and Tame Impala. Everyone involved is really going to have their work cut out, though, if they’re hoping to get anywhere near Beyoncé’s performance last year (April 15).

Never mind. According to Us Weekly, we’re soon going to be able to relive that iconic performance in the comfort of our own homes anyway, in a Netflix documentary “tied to her Coachella 2018 performance” with additional footage.

The article also mentions a “couple of new tracks” the singer has recorded, for “a deluxe album filled with old songs”. If there is new music on the way, it will be her first solo material since 2016’s visual album, Lemonade (though she did drop the album Everything Is Love with Jay-Z in mid-2018).

In other news, Beyoncé reportedly turned away from a partnership with Reebok due to a lack of diversity on the corporate team. Writer Nick DePaula made the revelation during an episode of ESPN’s The Jump. “She had a meeting at Reebok and they had a whole presentation of everything, potential products, how this could all look and she kind of took a step back and said: ‘Is this the team that’ll be working on my product?’” he recalls.

“And somebody said yes and she said: ‘Nobody in this room reflects my background, my skin colour, and where I’m from and what I want to do. And so she kind of took a step back and left and it did not come to terms.”

The parting of ways likely won’t affect Beyoncé much, though, given that she’s since announced a massive collaboration with adidas.