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An algorithm is partnering with Warner

The need for other humans is decreasing by the day, apparently

AI artists may still be disappointing at auction and struggling to dress themselves, but that hasn’t stopped Warner from investing in the new wave of algorithm-led “creatives”. This week they’ve partnered with one such algorithm, the music app Endel, to produce 20 albums across the next year.

Endel claims to specialise in “personalised soundscapes” with different modes for different moods. The music is ambient (think New Age-y synths with rain and wind sounds). Admittedly, it is pretty soothing.

But, of course, there’s always some darker points to consider when it comes to algorithmically-produced art. Mainly, in this case: what about the real musicians? It’s hard to imagine many single artists that would be comfortable churning out 20 full-length albums across the next year. If the release from WMG’s Arts Division (who will put out Endel’s albums) does well, could they end up ignoring more real artists in favour of algorithms that bring more bang for their buck?

One thing’s for sure: the age of AI won’t be slowing anytime soon. This new music is just another step for the algorithms as they move into our poetry, news media, and, yes, even our inspirational memes.