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Grimesvia Instagram (@grimes)

Grimes says she plans to ‘kill off’ her stage name

‘It will be a public execution’

Just hours after announcing her new album Miss_Anthropocene, the long-awaited follow-up to 2015’s Art AngelsGrimes was the subject of a new profile in the Wall Street Journal. In it, Claire Boucher discussed the record and the hectic year leading up to it, in which she was in the press more than ever thanks to conflicts with her record label, that whole Azealia Banks thing, and her public relationship with billionaire Elon Musk.

We say ‘Claire Boucher’, but as the interview reveals, she has followed through with her plans to legally change her name to (italics and lowercase deliberate). Claire is “done and dead”, c says.

What else is done and dead? Well, possibly Grimes entirely. As explains, the Grimes project might be nearing its end. “I think I’ll kill ‘Grimes’ soon. It will be a public execution followed by – by something else. I shouldn’t say yet.” She elaborated that the Grimes name is too limiting. “It would be easier for me if I wasn’t stuck with the branding I made in 2009, you know?” The Grimes character, she says, is almost the exact opposite of who she is today.

Read the full profile at the Wall Street Journal, and check out a new Grimes demo, “Pretty Dark”, below.