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Grimes says she’s legally changing her name

‘Claire has been the bane of my existence since I became sentient’

Grimes fans will know that her birth name is Claire Boucher, but it seems that the artist is not, in fact, a fan of her own name – and she says she plans to change it. “i’m legally changing my name from claire to ‘c’ , as in the speed of light,” she wrote on Twitter yesterday. “this will be much better”.

The symbol for the speed of light is c. That formatting is important, as Grimes wrote that when she does change her name, it will also be in lowercase and italics.

Given the scientific basis for this name change, a fan inevitably asked whether this was the influence of Elon Musk, who Grimes recently took to the Met Ball. “well he’s the one who pointed out that my working nickname (c) actually rox and i don’t need to look further,” she said, adding, “been trying 2 change name 4ever but couldn’t find a gud 1, but my friends call me c”.

When someone asked if they should call her c rather than Claire, Grimes responded “if u like” and explaining that “claire has been the bane of my existence since i became sentient... i can barely say it w my speech impediment altho c is technically worse 4 lisp”.

Elsewhere on Twitter, Grimes said that she was wrapping up both songs that she recently promised to release and would add them to streaming services when she was finished mixing them – so they could potentially arrive in the next few weeks.

Check out her posts below.