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Amy winehouse salaam remi nas
photograph courtesy of Charles Moriarty

You can hear Amy Winehouse in a new song with Salaam Remi and Nas

Her vocals come from an old jam session with her frequent collaborator

Vocals from Amy Winehouse have appeared on a track titled “Find My Love” by Salaam Remi, the producer who worked on both of the singer’s studio albums, Frank and Back to Black. The vocals – which can’t help but feel haunting, given the tragic loss of Winehouse in 2011 – were apparently recorded in an old jam session.

Also featured on the track is Nas, who raps over the vocals. It’s not the first time he and Winehouse have featured on a track together under Remi’s supervision, though; they can also be heard on “Cherry Wine” from Nas’ 2012 album Life Is Good, as well as the posthumous release “Like Smoke”, from 2011’s Amy Winehouse Lioness: Hidden Treasures.

This makes her appearance on the new track much more comfortable than, say, a potential hologram tour, or a documentary or biopic. She obviously appreciated collaborating with the two other artists and so it seems much more likely that she would have approved of the release. Though, of course, no subsequent releases can stand anywhere close to the beautiful and brilliant legacy of her early work.