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lady gaga park mgm Las Vegas enigma
courtesy of Instagram/@ladygaga

Lady Gaga’s Vegas residency looks pretty wild

She will be joined by an avatar named Enigma, teased on Instagram

Lady Gaga began a year-long residency at Las Vegas’ Park MGM hotel today (December 29) and ahead of her first date she unveiled Enigma, the animated avatar that lends its name to the show.

The avatar hasn’t really been explained in much detail. Who is this anime-style Enigma? And who is the gangly blue being that appears at the end of the reveal? It’s, well, an enigma. Video of Lady Gaga motion tracking on Instagram does suggest, though, that Enigma is a kind of alter ego, especially in a clip that shows her introducing herself: “Gaga, or you can call me Stefani... or Enigma.”

Kicking off the show, Gaga continued with the sci-fi vibes, riding a robot and being suspended in a silver jumpsuit in front of an impressive futuristic set. Watch the Enigma reveal and see images from the show below.