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David Lynch
David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti as Thought GangCourtesy of Sacred Bones Records

Watch David Lynch’s surreal new audiovisual piece ‘Anthead’

The short film features tracks from the Thought Gang album, a collaborative project between Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti

Filmmaker David Lynch has shared a new surreal video accompaniment to his latest artistic venture Thought Gang, a collaborative project created alongside composer Angelo Badalamenti, who has produced scores for many of Lynch’s classic films including Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive.

Earlier this year, it was announced that the long-lost album from Thought Gang, an experimental jazz project originally created by the pair 1992, would finally be dug up and brought to fruition. Two tracks had in fact already featured on the soundtrack to Lynch's 1992 film Twin Peaks: Fire Walks With Me, which acted as the birthplace of what would become a fully-fledged independent project which has been two and a half decades in the making. The full album has since been released with Sacred Bones records and is now available to purchase on LP, CD and digital formats.

Speaking in a press release, Lynch described Thought Gang’s output as “modern music”, going further to explain that “it’s sort of like jet-fueled jazz in a weird way...but it’s all based on stories”. The 13-minute-long video for ‘Anthead’ features what looks like a piece of cheese vaguely resembling a human head, which is teeming with ants. This bizarre visual is then inexplicably paired with two album tracks called “Frank 2000” and “Woodcutters From Fiery Ships”... and it’s as strange and compelling as it sounds.

Lynch had this to say about the jarring piece: “it is a short video featuring my friends the ants along with cheese, etc. and 1 ½ tracks from the Thought Gang album”.

Watch the video for ‘Anthead’ below.