Kanye West’s new album will reportedly feature 6ix9ine and XXXtentacion

Hell world

Kanye West showed up to a meeting at The FADER’s offices yesterday (September 26), the publication reports. The meeting turned into a listening session for some of the songs off the rapper’s upcoming album YANDHI, with West asking for input on some of the unfinished tracks and talking about some of his broader ideas.

YANDHI features Ty Dolla $ign across mutliple tracks, and might also feature Rihanna – one of the hooks was being sent to the singer that day. He also confirmed that the album would be out this Saturday (September 29).

More eyebrow-raising was the fact that the album also features 6ix9ine and deceased rapper XXXtentacion. 6ix9ine previously pled guilty to three felony accounts of sexual misconduct with a child, while XXXtentacion was alleged to have kidnapped and abused his pregnant girlfriend before he was killed earlier this year.

All of this happened just one day after West defended both XXXtentacion and his friend A$AP Bari in an Instagram post, declaring that “I was scared to say he was my friend just like I did with XXX,” he wrote. “That was some pussy shit on my part. I let the perception and the robots control me. That’s the true sunken place.” Last year, a video surfaced that allegedly shows Bari intimidating and verbally abusing a naked woman.

West also said in the meeting that, with his forthcoming appearance on Saturday Night Live, he’d have preferred comic Louis C.K. to host (C.K. admitted to sexual misconduct in the wake of #MeToo – you might be starting to see a pattern here...). A good start to a day that also ended with the Brett Kavanaugh hearing.

West attended the meeting wearing both a Make America Great Again hat (which he said he’d “redesigned”) and a sweatshirt celebrating Colin Kaepernick.

He reportedly also stated, erroneously, that there were 800 slaves in the 1800s (the number was roughly 3.9 million), and that he wants to build a “flying car factory” in Chicago with the help of former Tesla employees. Maybe – just maybe – people shouldn’t have spent the past eight years uncritically hanging on to this guy’s every word.

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