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Asap Bari

Alleged A$AP Bari video of sexual harassment surfaces

A disturbing clip of a naked woman being sexually intimidated and harassed physically and verbally is circulating online, linked to the A$AP mob co-founder

A clip of A$AP Bari has been circulating online, in which the A$AP mob co-founder and fashion designer appears to be sexually harassing a woman. With at least two other men in the room, he pulls bedsheets off of the naked woman, who is visibly distressed, physically and verbally attempting to stop him. She also refers to the man harassing her as Bari.

Bari – real name Jabari Shelton – is thought to be heard saying “you fucked my assistant, now you’re going to suck my dick”. The 15-second video ends as the woman runs from the room, crying, with Bari following the woman to say “shut the fuck up bitch”. The clip shared online – reports say it first surfaced on the @soledout Instagram – includes the caption “What that mouth do bitch”. Though unconfirmed, it’s claimed the video was taken after London’s Wireless festival. It’s horrifying, and an absolutely despicable display of sexual violence towards a woman.

A tagged photo on Instagram shows Bari wearing the same Supreme jumper that the man in the footage is wearing. Bari has also been in London for the festival.

Another affiliate of the A$AP Mob, Ian Connor, was accused of rape by several women back in April 2016. In June last year, Connor, Bari and Theophilus London got into a physical fight at colette in Paris, allegedly about the rape allegations. Connor (who is pure trash) has been responding to this emerging incident on Twitter, threatening to leak more videos.

A now-deleted tweet posted by Bari reportedly referenced a “fake” and “edited” video. People across social media have been calling for Nike, the brand Bari collaborated with for his fashion label VLONE’s latest collection, to condemn him.

If you or someone you are concerned about has been affected by sexual assault, please reach out to Rape Crisis or RAINN